Collect Donations in a Single Text Message

Text-to-give makes it easy for donors to give whenever and wherever they’d like. With custom keywords preset to a specific donation amount*, all your donors have to do is confirm their billing zip code to be billed directly on their phone carrier's invoice. The process is completed in seconds and requires little effort from you and your donors!

How it Works:

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It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Donors text your custom keyword to your text-to-give number.


Donors receive a text asking them to confirm their billing zip code.


Donors receive a confirmation text that their donation was charged to their cell phone carrier.

*One-time donations available in amounts of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, or $50. Recurring donations available in amounts of $5, $10, $25, and $50.

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Other Features Included:
Recurring Donations

Set up monthly text-to-give donations in one text message.

When your organization leverages the power of text-to-give, donors can set up a monthly recurring donation in seconds! Your custom keywords are associated with amounts of $5, $10, $25, or $50 for your recurring text-to-give donations.

When donors send a keyword to your text-to-give number:

  • Their carrier will be automatically billed each month
  • They'll receive a helpful reminder message before each donation is billed

Donors can easily opt out of a recurring text-to-give donation by replying STOP.


Data matters. Qgiv's reporting tools give you the insight you need!

Qgiv's user-friendly reporting system gives you the power to track performance of your keywords and campaigns so you can evaluate and make adjustments to your strategy with ease!

You can use Qgiv's reporting tools to:

  • Check overall campaign performance
  • See which keywords drive donor action
  • Learn how donors give
  • And so much more!
Custom Keywords

Unlock easy giving with custom keywords and preset amounts.

Your organization can choose custom keywords and link them to different text-to-give donation amounts and frequencies.

Custom keywords give you the ability to:

  • Track multiple text-to-give campaigns
  • Easily report on campaign performance
  • Create a powerful campaign message

Qgiv & the Mobile Giving Foundation

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The text-to-give service requires approval through the Mobile Giving Foundation. You can download a list of their guidelines here (PDF).

Qgiv is an authorized Application Service Provider through the Mobile Giving Foundation, which has arranged agreements with all available cell phone carriers. These carriers have cooperatively agreed to provide this service without excessive commissions and fees to qualified 501(c) 3 organizations. Through the Mobile Giving Foundation and Qgiv, nonprofit organizations can leverage the donation potential of mobile phones and create an effective mobile giving channel.


Looking for Text-to-Donate?


Looking for another way for donors to give? Text-to-donate is a great way to communicate with donors, increase engagement, and raise more money.

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4 Reasons Fundraisers Love Text-to-Give:

  • Text-to-give is a fast and easy way for your donors to give.
  • It's easy to attract new donors and followers.
  • It's low cost, easy to set up, and it offers a high return on investment.
  • Donors can see their donations right on their cell phone bill—no outside tracking necessary.

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No Hidden Fees

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